Film composer



The score for “Everything Of Value” (Alles van waarde" is available on all digital streaming platforms! 


Everything Of Value is the second collaboration with directed by Stanley Kolk

Produced by Family Affair Film

Recorded with The Dutch String Quartet 

Orchestrated by Thomas Bryła & Matthijs Kieboom


Huge thanks to again Mikael Carlsson for making this release possible on MovieScore Media.




The score for “The Cloudmaker” is available on all digital streaming platforms! 


The Cloudmaker is a beautiful animation film directed by Hanna van Niekerk

Produced by Hazazah

Recorded with East Connection Music Recording

Orchestrated by Thomas Bryła


Huge thanks to Mikael Carlsson for making this the first release on MovieScore Media’s new label devoted exclusively to music from short films: Shortcuts.




On July 1st the feature film “Pirates Down The Street” will premiere in the Dutch cinemas. It will be the first “corona-proof” premiere.



The soundtrack is already avalible on all digital platforms and is released by Moviescore Media


Every now and then weird and strange situations create new opportunities. 


During lockdown I was asked to give an online concert for the Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej w Krakowie, known as the legendary Film Music Festival in Krakow. A great opportunity for me to form my own small and intimate ensemble, tailored to my music essence. 


So it is a great pleasure that I can present you my “live from the studio” session.



Stay safe!



On Sunday 26th of April, ITV will start showing the re-imagining of the classic detective hit “Van Der Valk”. 


As captivating as ever, the new series of 3 x feature-length episodes comes with new stories and new supporting characters; it even comes with new music.


Matthijs embraced this challenge and has set the episodes to a more minimal, contemporary and relevant score with just the subtlest of nods to the iconic No. 1 hit Eye level, the original theme by Jack Trombey which spent over 20 weeks in the top 50, and accompanied all 1972-1992 episodes.


Van Der Valk, episode one “Love in Amsterdam” will be shown on ITV on Sunday 26 April at 8pm.




- Lesley Jackson