Photo: Willem Jan de Bruin Fotografie
Photo: Willem Jan de Bruin Fotografie
About Matthijs
Matthijs Kieboom is one of the most sought after and well established composers in the Netherlands. Despite his relatively young age, he has been a fulltime composer for more than a decade and has recently become the head of the Film Music department in one of Holland’s leading conservatories.
In 2017, after scoring numerous feature films and tv series, Matthijs ventured into his first big feature documentary, "Wild", a film about the captivating Dutch nature and wildlife. The film was a big box-office success, had 1,5 million views on TV (over a population of 17 Million) and it was the first soundtrack of Matthijs to be released on CD. The score earned him multiple nominations including the one for International Film Music Critics Association Award (“Best Original Score For a Documentary”).
- Young Composer - Transatlantyk Festival (2011)
- Film & Television Music Award - ASCAP (2012)
- Young Talent Award - Krakow Film Music Festival (2013)
- Filmmusic Award - BUMA Awards (2013)
- Best Documentary Music 2019 - BUMA Awards (nominated)
- Best Original Score For a Documentary 2019 - AFMCA Awards (nominated)
Apart from being a respected film composer on his own, Matthijs Kieboom is known to collaborate with a lot of different musicians and composers, taking on different roles varying from co-composer to arranger/orchestrator and score producer. In 2013 he collaborated with renowned DJ Armin van Buuren on co-composing the score for “Verliefd op Ibiza”, the top selling Dutch movie of the year (2013). And since 2015 he has been a frequent collaborator with well known Spanish conductor/composer Diego Navarro.
Matthijs is, apart from composing, very active on the education and promoting of film music. In 2019 he became the head of Filmmusic composition departament at the conservatory in Enschede, the conservatory wellknown for schooling Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL. Over the years, Matthijs has been a frequent guest on multiple radio and tv shows, talking about the art of film music.